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Frequently-Asked Questions 

HOW DO I . . .

. . . Get the Show to Play?

. . . Get Rid of the Ads at the Bottom of the Screen?

. . . Chat with Other Viewers?

. . . Leave a Comment About the Show?

. . . Become a "Follower" of the Show?

. . . View Past Shows?

. . . Get Notifications About Upcoming Shows?

. . . Call In for a Call-In Show?

. . . Suggest a Topic for An Upcoming Show?

. . . Get On MW@P for an Interview?

. . . Get You to Advertise/Announce Something for Me?

How Do I Get the Show to Play? [TOP]

The show should usually play automatically if you open the page when we're in a live broadcast.  If you're at the page on a non-live broadcast time, click the play button in the center of the screen. (you may have to click play during a live broadcast, as well -- it seems to be spotty sometimes.)

Trouble with the Video or Chat -- 

Try closing other windows and/or programs, or try viewing at this link (no chat will show on this page): MWaP Video Only.  Email me at csteinel @ (or use the "Ask the Madwoman" link from the home page) if your techno-woes are really, really bad.  I may be able to help you (but not usually during the live version of the show).

How Do I Get Rid of the Ads at the Bottom of the Screen?  [TOP]

You can click the little "x" in the upper corner of the bottom-screen ads to close them, but they WILL come back.  Ustream offers the broadcasting service at no charge, but the ads are the exchange they get. I have no control over the content of the ads, which sucks sometimes, as they put up ads I do not like or endorse.

If you're interested in helping us get rid of the ads entirely, consider making a contribution to the show so that we can afford a "pro" account with Ustream that is ad-free!  

To donate to the show, click the Tip Jar that appears just below the player on the home page.

How Do I Chat with Other Viewers? [TOP]

The widgets to the right of the screen will allow you to chat with other viewers, either through Ustream (upper) or Ustream chat or Twitter social stream (lower - just select the appropriate tab and log in).  You need to have an account with Ustream to use the upper widget, a Ustream or Twitter account for the lower widget (Ustream and Twitter accounts are free).

How Do I Leave a Comment About the Show?  [TOP]

If you want to leave a comment about the show, you can email me at csteinel @ (remove spaces), or drop your comment in chat!

How Do I Become a "Follower" of the Show?  [TOP]

USTREAM: You can "follow" the show at Ustream by going to the Ustream page for MWaP and clicking the "Follow" button (upper right above the chat section).

FACEBOOK:  You can also follow the show by becoming a fan at the MadWoman@Play Facebook page

TWITTER:  You can keep up with MWaP on Twitter by following

MYSPACE: You can follow me through Myspace at

If you don't use any of these services, you can sign up for the MWaP email list HERE.

How Do I View Past Shows?  [TOP]

The most recently recorded show will automatically play from the end of the live broadcast until the next live broadcast -- just click the play button on the home page if you're tuning in at a time when we're not live-broadcasting.

To view recordings of past shows, visit the Ustream Page at this link:

Scroll down below the player, and you'll see a list of all available past shows. You can also see most of them at the Madwoman Blog.

How Do I Get Notifications About Upcoming Shows?  [TOP]

If you "follow" MWaP through Ustream, Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace using the information in the "Follower" section above, you'll get notices of upcoming shows and events -- we'll post reminders via Twitter -- usually about one hour before each live broadcast.

How Do I Call In for a Call-In Show?  [TOP]

Currently, we're working on getting a Skype call-in feature for you -- watch for announcements!

The Skype name for call-ins is MadWoman at Play -- we only accept call-ins for some shows.  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, or Ustream to get advance notice of call-in shows.

How Do I Suggest a Topic for An Upcoming Show?  [TOP]

Email me at csteinel @ (remove the spaces) to suggest a topic you'd like to have covered during the show.  

How Do I Get On MW@P for an Interview?  [TOP]

If you've got something of interest to say, I might be interested in interviewing you for a MWaP broadcast -- email me at the address in the answer immediately above.

How Do I Get You to Advertise/Announce Something for Me?  [TOP]

Same as previous two questions -- contact me.  I reserve the right to be picky about what I'll announce.  If I like what you're announcing and it fits with my manifesto, I'll probably announce it.

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